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Disclaimer : `These cases are only illustrative; indicated remedies are not suggested for any other patient.'

G. B. Age 64yrs/M      25/07/2012      8:00pm

Mr.B.B. aged 64 years from a near-by village was admitted with a local physician with symptoms of high grade fever of 6 days duration, intense weakness and bodyache. His laboratory tests were positive for the dreaded Dengue fever. Despite treatment there was no improvement in his condition and his blood counts had dropped. 25/7/2012 White cell count = 4500/cu.mm. Platelet count = 67,000/ul

25/07/2012 8:00pm
The patient approached Dr.Kowshik for Homeopathic treatment at 8:00 pm on 25/7/2012. The patients temperature was 102*F. His Dengue test IgM and IgG were positive. He was exhausted but not dehydrated. He complained of severe body ache and intense weakness. His face was flushed. He was unable to sit in the chair for long and requested that he be permitted to lie down on the examination table. After taking a quick case history, the ideal Homeopathic mode of treatment was identified. The patient's relatives were extremely anxious as his blood counts were already showing a decline. Dr.Kowshik reassured the patient and his relatives asking them to go home to continue the homeopathic treatment and return for follow-up next day.

26/07/2012 2:30pm
WBC count 8270/cu.mm;
Platelet count= 155,000/ul.
The patient was comfortable and expressed that he was feeling much better. His temperature had peaked at night and after a bout of sweating, dropped to a constant 99*F since morning. The body ache was much less and he was able to sit in the patients chair while he spoke.

27/07/2012 2:30 pm
WBC count= 8100/cu.mm;
Platelet count= 271,000/ul
Mr.B.B. expressed his immense gratitude for bringing him out of the crisis. He said he was feeling extremely relieved and had no fever since last night. His temperature was 97.8*F and except for mild weakness he had no symptoms. His treatment for dengue was continued for one more day and only recuperative medicines were given, to be continued for the next four days.

What one must know about DENGUE FEVER


G. B. Age 38yrs/M 11-01-2008 10:20 am

Precipitating cause: Exposure to dust/draft
Presented as a case of fever with chills - heat - perspiration - 4 days.
Burning heat after the chills with drowsiness. <2 am followed by hard dry cough.
Hoarse cough, < morning and evening, exhausting. Hard retching cough, incessant with vomiting. Finds some relief by sitting still and bending forward. Sharp pains in the R. lower chest and back < touch. Cannot turn in bed. Sometimes small balls of yellow sputum expectorated forcibly. Breath offensive. History of yellowish or greenish coryza 6 days ago, treated with home remedies. Face pale sickly, deep set, sunken eyes. Anxious when alone, wants his wife or sister by his side all the time. Despairs of his recovery.

X-ray 11-01-08: R. lower zone Pneumonitis. Click here for the xRay Report
Hb- 13.6gm%; WBC total count: 16600/cu.mm; Poly- 81%; Lympho- 19%.
ESR- 55mm/Ist hr

Simillimum: Kali Carb. Simillimum given in 200th potency frequently.
14-01-08 : Alert, says he is much improved. No pain in chest or back. Expectoration clear, watery. Breath no longer offensive. No fever. Cough much less. Air entry much better, no rattling or wheezing. Says he is OK. Has joined service against medical advice.

Check X-ray on 16-01-08 shows complete recovery. Click here for the xRay Report


V.K. Age: 2yrs/ M 02-06-08 12:30 pm

Child has cough and fever since 5 days. Dry hacking, incessant cough. Lips dry parched, cracked, dark. Thirst for cold water, but vomits anything fed to him. Cough seems to come from the abdomen. < night and morning. Very fidgety, can't seem to stand or sit still. Recurrence of similar ailment 3 months ago.
Auscultation: Wheezing and rattling R. lower lung. Temp: 104*F

X-ray: 02-06-08 : Lower zone Pneumonitis Click here for the xRay Report
Prescribing totality indicates Phosphorus. Given in 1M potency frequently.
Recovery uneventful

Check X-ray : 27-07-08: Normal study Click here for the xRay Report


L. H. Age: 9mths/F 05-08-08 9:45 am

Fine rattling cough in damp weather. Peevish, whining, irritable, wants to be carried preferably in erect position. Cyanosed bluish face, dark suffused lips. Drifts into semi comatose state and back. Eyes glazed, unfocussed. Unable to hold up the head or sit. Wakes up irritable and whining, clings to the nearest person, wanting to be carried. Now not in a position to eat or drink anything, vomits forcibly when force fed. Does not tolerate even milk. Rapid shallow breathing, suffocative, abdominal breathing. Always lies on the right side. Flaring of the nostrils.

X-ray: 05-08-08 Bronchopneumonia Click here for the xRay Report

Simillimum: Antim Tart. Given in 1M potency frequently.
12:00 am ; No deterioration. Symptoms remain the same.
3:00 pm ; Child is slightly less irritable. Whining much less. All other symptoms persist.
8:00 pm ; Cyanosis appears less, no whining, child now insists on mother being close or carrying her. Has accepted water but not milk. Child has not become comatose and is aware of her surroundings. Cough, fever persist. Temp 101.8*F.
06-08-08 : Child is fairly alert, no cyanosis, no irritability, no comatose state, breathing regular, Taken one feed of milk in the morning. Cough persists. Temp : 99*F
07-08-08 : Child much improved. Alert, asks for milk and feeds. Plays with siblings although still too weak to sit up. Cough slightly better. No fever.
09-08-08 : Child remarkably better. Only occasional cough, no fever. Child alert and playful, no sign of previous comatose and toxic state. Asked for apple juice today.
09-08-08 : Click here for the xRay Report


Homeopathy does not cure diabetes but can keep it under control in most patients especially those who are not insulin dependent.
Mrs. S.B. 52 year old business woman. 26-10-09

Consulted me about a multitude of problems besides her chronic polyarthritis, uncontrolled diabetes and chronic anemia. She was tired of taking handfuls of various pills. Being a business woman, her treatment, diet and exercise was very irregular resulting in huge variations in her blood sugar levels. Her work took her to villages in the hinterland where proper and fixed diet was not possible, and working hours became irregular.

On first consultation her blood sugar (post lunch) was 220mg% and urine sugar 3 plus (yellow ppt), Hemoglobin level was 8.1gm%. Other investigations did not reveal anything significant. She was asked to continue her medicines for diabetes as best as she could and a Homeopathic drug regimen was started with the assurance that her sugar levels would fluctuate less with this treatment despite irregularity of drug use. Her other minor problems such as hyperacidity were taken into consideration and a constitutional remedy was given to her. Despite her irregular treatment, her anemia improved to 11.8gm% and her blood sugar levels are steady between 103mg% and 149mg% since the last six months during which her Glycomet was slowly tapered off. She is now only on Homeopathic management with monthly blood glucose monitoring. Her HbA1C was 6.2% when last done on 13-11-2010



Mrs. S. K. Stout fit female. Government employee aged 44yrs 20-07-2010
An old patient who has been under homeopathic treatment off and on for small or insignificant problems such as colds, cough and fever suddenly developed Type II diabetes during routine testing that I observe for above-40year old patients. Her Post lunch blood sugar was 235mg% and Urine sugar 3 plus (1.5%/ yellow ppt). A detailed case history, dwelling on her emotional state after some minor feuds with her maternal family members caused her considerable stress, revealed the probable cause. Her constitutional type was determined with the help of her body type, reaction to weather etc. The prescription did her wonders and her blood glucose, repeated regularly at monthly intervals shows both the fasting and blood sugar levels to be strictly within normal limits, the latter having peaked once at 146 mg% on 29-08-2010. Her HbA1C is 6.5%

Mr. G.T. Robust male aged 49 years 08-04-2007
Detected to be Type II diabetes soon after a family squabble. His eldest son would not listen to him and would not study which caused tremendous stress as he himself was a graduate and running his own business. Wants to sit alone quietly. Quarrels also causesevere headaches and he despairs of life, with desire to leave the house in disgust. He prefers to be warm all the time and is very sensitive to cold. Even in the summer he has a red flush to his cheeks and face. After an initial acute drug was prescribed for his smaller less significant complaints of abdominal pain and boils in the armpit, he was given his constitutional medicine. On first reporting his Post lunch blood glucose was 250mg% with 3 plus urine sugar (yellow ppt). Since 27/05/07 his blood sugar levels have remained well in control i.e. below 150mg%.; HbA1C: 6.8%. He does not take any allopathic medicine and has been advised a diabetic diet with exercise.



Baby M.B. aged 6 days was referred to me for treatment of a fairly large blood clot on the right side of his head. The swelling appeared on the second day after his birth and was painless, soft and fluctuating. This is an uncommon occurrence in babies due to birth trauma. A course of specific medicine was prescribed and the baby was called for follow-up after 15 days. The swelling had decreased to an insignificant firm lump which completely disappeared after another 3 days treatment.



S.B. aged 14 years was brought to me on 28/12/09 with excruciating pain in the abdomen during menses since 2 years. She menstruated first at the age of twelve and the pain began simultaneously. The pain was so severe; it caused her to vomit and prevented her from going to school or doing anything productive at home. Her only relief was by lying on the abdomen. Here too a constitutional approach was followed and with 5 months of treatment her pains subsided completely and she was asymptomatic.



Mr.U.B. aged 77years was brought to me for treatment on 04/06/2009 of very disturbing hallucinations. He would see rats, lizards, scorpions, lions, tigers snarling and trying to attack him. Immovable objects would suddenly take the shape of ferocious wild animals or reptiles. He was petrified of the visions and would cower in a corner and close his eyes or shout for help. His family members could not understand his problem since they (obviously) could not see the wild animals. Sometimes he would see people walking through the walls of his home or into his room. Cupboards would suddenly take flight and float around in the room. Walls would slant or move. After consultations with several psychiatrists who labeled him as a case of dementia with little or no improvement with treatment, he was brought to me. Progress was slow but sure. The first and significant change was that he seemed to come to terms with his visions "I now realize that they are harmless. I can touch them and they don't do anything". A couple of months later "I now know they are only delusions and hallucinations. They are harmless". After 18 months the patient is now comfortable with only occasional hallucinations which he does not mind. Treatment continues and so does his improvement.


(Homeopathy cannot reverse the pathology of O.A.)

Mrs. B. A. aged 75 years s corpulent woman with Osteoarthritis of both knees was brought to me for treatment of the excruciating pains since 6 years. She was unable to walk and getting out of bed and climbing stairs was almost impossible. She also had itching all over the body - burning on scratching but no eruptions. The skin was dry and slightly scaly. She had consulted three orthopedic surgeons but painkillers were of little help. A deep insight into her case history threw up several constitutional symptoms which helped at arriving at the most suitable remedy. Three and a half months later she was able to walk and climb stairs without help and almost without any pain. The excruciating pain in the mornings was gone.



Mrs. L.B. aged 48 years was suffering from chronic obstruction of the nose - more on the right side with pain in the frontal and maxillary sinuses since three years. She had suffered a purulent, bloody and offensive discharge from the left ear. She also had severe headaches once or twice a month with vomiting. She also suffered a recurrent inflammation of the throat with pain extending to the ears along with hoarseness and aphonia (loss of voice). She had suffered a stubborn urticaria on the back 10 years ago which went after prolonged allopathic treatment. As a person she was extremely sensitive to noise- becoming irritable, quarrelsome and impatient. After just two months of treatment she is free of most of her complaints and her husband thanked me for turning her into a more pleasant and interesting companion.

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Dr. Dinesh Anand Kowshik: Born and brought up in the megapolis of Bombay (now Mumbai), in India. A student of the CMP Homeopathic Medical College – Irla, Vile Parle, Mumbai, he passed his LCEH in 1981. Later he completed his MD(Hom).
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Homeopathy is a much maligned system of medicine only because it is not understood in its entirety. Modern medicine or `allopathy’ (nomenclature used by Dr.Hahnemann) leans heavily on today’s science to explain its methodology.
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Patient was operated for being enlargement of the prostate and Lithotripsy for (L) Kidney stone 6 months ago. Subsequently developed urgency and frequency of urination, needed to pass small quantities of urine every 10-15 minutes;
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`How to stay healthy and disease free'. A large number of health problems today arise from our present lifestyle. Some are due to increased longevity or increased life span due to which many old-age diseases, rarely seen in the past, are now fairly common.
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Management of acute case requires certain precautions to be taken when compared to `cold’ or chronic cases.


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