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What one must know about DENGUE FEVER?

Dengue fever is a viral disease spread chiefly by the Aedes Aegypti mosquito. This disease is common in the tropics and sub-tropical regions as well as sub-saharan regions of the world. It is also seen in America and in Mexico where sudden outbursts of the disease occur periodically.

The Dengue virus can be one of 4 different but related viruses known as Flavivirudae. Generally an exposure to one sub-type of virus will bestow life-long immunity to that particular sub-type. However, other sub-types of the virus remain capable of subsequently infecting and causing symptoms of the disease in the same patient.

The patient develops sudden high grade fever 7 - 14 days after being infected through the bite of the mosquito. Temperature may reach peaks of 104 -105*F. A flat reddish rash may appear on the second day of the fever and later a measles-like rash may be seen after 5-6 days. There is increased skin sensitivity, intense weakness, headache (behind the eyes), joint and muscle pains (Hence its old name of `Bone-breaking fever'). There is also accompanying nausea, vomiting and swollen lymph nodes (glands). If the platelet count falls below 50,000/ul the patient is likely to go in for the Hemorrhagic variant of this disease where severe internal (G.I. tract) bleeding may take place with serious risk to life. Such cases need immediate hospitalization with access to fractionated blood (platelets).

The widely used blood test is a Serum Antibody test for IgM and IgG antibodies. Other more specific tests are known such as the Polymerase Chain Reaction test, but such tests are not available except in referral hospitals and may take time to perform besides being expensive for screening purpose.

No specific treatment is available in allopathy except symptomatic treatment. (Anti-pyretics, Analgesics and I.V. fluids in cases of severe dehydration).

WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION estimates suggest that there are 50 million cases of Dengue all over the world every year of which nearly 5 Lakh cases are hospitalized.

Contrary to popular belief, Homeopathy works extremely rapidly and with great efficacy in Viral diseases such as Dengue fever. Homeopathic literature is replete with cases of Dengue fever treated successfully with Homeopathic medicines without the need for hospitalization and I.V. fluids. Murphy's Repertory under the Chapter FEVER: Dengue; lists 16 proven drugs for this scourge. In the days before modern medicine took over the health care facilities, Homeopathy was very popular and in wide use all over America and also in India where thousands of cases were treated with this cheap, efficacious and gentle medicine. The cost of Homeopathic treatment of Dengue fever is only a fraction of the cost of treatment with modern medicine. Given the poor hygiene and lack of proper sanitation in India, it is to be expected that a dengue epidemic is imminent.

Avoid wearing shorts pants or Bermuda shorts and use long pants at all times during the day. Use full-sleeved shirts where comfortable. Sleep indoors and use protective mosquito nets or repellants. A forgotten practice of placing a tablet of Camphor in each corner of every room in the house will chase the mosquitoes away. However, patients on Homeopathic treatment are advised not to use Camphor in the house as its vapors antidote the effect of Homeopathic medicines.


Is Diabetes Mellitus (Type II) diabetes inherited? / Can I avoid getting diabetes?

Yes a large percentage of patients do seem to inherit the disease (Indians seem genetically prone to the disease) but largely it is precipitated by our sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits. Our food habits need to be moderated with decrease in fats and carbohydrate intake. An expanding midriff is a harbinger of more than just diabetes. A good daily work-out may reduce your chances of turning diabetic considerably.


Is Diabetes curable?

Type II Diabetes is essentially a resistance of the peripheral tissues to insulin. The cause of this resistance may be multifactorial and in some patients remains unexplained. In many patients after an initial surge in the blood sugar levels (precipitated by stress or infections), the levels may return to near normal or normal. This does not mean that the patient can throw caution to the winds. It may be a pre-diabetic condition which will precipitate later. Homoeopathy does not cure but can maintain sugar levels within acceptable limits in most patients except in the insulin dependent, diet and exercise being mandatory.


I don't fall asleep at night. Do I need to take medicines?

Well, try not to, since most sleep medicines are habit forming and most do not help after some time. Try these simple measures. Avoid caffeinated drinks after 4 pm and heavy meals at night. Avoid arguments, horror movies and pesky T.V. programs after dinner. I prefer listening to an hour's soothing instrumental classical music after dinner. Eat as early as possible after dusk - atleast two hours before bedtime. Take a short leisurely walk outdoors just before retiring.


Do you have any medicines to lose weight?

A quintessential question by the essentially lazy. That is a big no no. Weight shedding medicines marketed under any label are not advisable. They may have serious side effects and may be mislabeled as safe under the guise of `Herbal'. The label somehow conjures up a safe feeling but this segment especially in India is more or less unregulated and at best may not have any effect what so ever. Nothing works like hard work. Just shedding flab is anyway only half the story, weight loss by medication or liposuction can only tip the scales in your favor; who is to take care of your heart, lungs, arteries etc.? Lastly increased weight may be the symptoms of a condition such as hypothyroidism, hence needs to be evaluated.


Do Homeopathic medicines have side-effects?

Homeopathic medicines taken over a long period may produce the symptoms of the drug in the patient. This is called a `proving' in homeopathic parlance. Stopping of the drug will cause the symptoms to subside. If they don't, it may be necessary to see a homeopathic physician. However, homeopathic medicines do not cause pathological changes, hence will not damage or destroy any organs in the body.


Are Homeopathic medicines placebo? / I read this article in a science magazine.

There are many phenomena that occur in this world for which science has no explanation. Does it mean they do not occur? Science is limited by discovery. Discovery is limited by knowledge. Knowledge is limited by our understanding of phenomena. We must strive to attain knowledge which will help understand phenomena. Dismissing a recurring phenomenon (cures with homeopathy) as unscientific is like running away from the truth. It is known that Homeopathy is the second most popular medical system in the world today, driving millions of patients to it for various reasons ranging from its proven efficacy in treating chronic ailments to the extremely low cost of treatment as compared with modern medicine. The unfortunate off-shoot has been enmity and a turf war with an all-powerful billion dollar pharmaceutical industry which is in no mood to tolerate any threat to its unfettered growth.



Anxiety may be transient, episodic or persistent. It may also be precipitated by in certain situations. The patient may present with both physical as well as symptoms of the mind. Persistent anxiety especially that associated with an organic or physical condition needs to be diagnosed and treated e.g. Thyrotoxicosis, alcohol withdrawal etc.

Homeopathy can treat most anxiety disorders with medicines which address the mind specifically and the target organ with its effects on the body in general. As the saying goes Homeopaths treat the patient not the disease.

A case in point was that of a young child U.K. 4 yrs old who was brought to me on 12/08/2011 for persistent vomiting since 2 years. Every eminent pediatrician in this area and a couple more elsewhere were consulted to no avail. Finally the boy was brought to Dr. Dinesh's Rapid Cure Centre. Careful and persistent prying into the family history of the mother brought out many interesting facts. The mother grew up in abject poverty due to her father's difficult personality. Subject to much verbal abuse and financial frustrations, she grew up to be intemperate and abusive herself. Though she was very good to her child whom she never scolded or beat, she constantly indulged in severe abusive harangues with her joint family members and husband. This led to panic attacks in the child whose only escape from this situation was to vomit. At times vomiting was the first thing he would do when he woke up. This act instantly drew attention to himself and had the magical effect of calming the household atleast till he was cleaned. Counseling the mother and treatment to both resulted in the problem being solved within a month.



Major depressive disorder may be present in a considerable number of ill patients besides others. It is a leading cause of loss of working hours and suicide. A genetic cause to this condition is suggested especially in the young. Physical or sexual abuse in childhood may also contribute to the prevalence of this condition. A pathological cause may be suggested by late onset of the condition with no family history of depression or other psychiatric disorder. Homeopathy is highly recommended in treatment of this condition. However a patient with a high suicidal tendency may require ECT intervention.



Delusions can be grandiose (patient feels larger than life or is God), persecutory (patient feels he is being pursued by hostile persons), or hypochondriac (feeling he has a disease e.g. cancer).

Hallucinations can be visual or auditory misperceptions of things which do not exist. E.g. Seeing wild animals or snakes under the bed; Furniture moving about etc.

Delusions and hallucinations often co-exist and may be a sign of schizophrenia, depression or dementia, once drug and alcohol abuse have been ruled out. These disorders can be controlled and in some patients cured with Homeopathy. The patients past history and constitution may play a significant role in Homeopathic treatment of such cases.



This has become a worldwide phenomenon and increasing day by day with horrible social and economic costs. Patients often deny or understate alcohol dependence and a high degree of suspicion may be necessary to detect such individuals. Institutional setting may be necessary in some cases but many can be treated with Homeopathic drugs and counseling especially in cases with family support still intact.



This disease is characterized by delusions (often persecutory), hallucinations and bizarre behavior. It typically presents as an acute episode. Later, frequency of these episodes increase till it becomes a chronic condition with social withdrawal. This condition may be seen at any age but is most commonly seen in young adults. Homeopathy gives excellent results in the early stages of the disease but once chronic, the disruption in family and the patient's condition precludes proper continued medication which may last up to five years. Here as well, a good past history narrated by patient and family members with constitutional prescribing helps greatly.



Dementia is characterized by slow loss of memory beginning with proper-nouns, restricted language and vocabulary, with decreased concentration and attention. Most dementias are slowly progressive and treatment may improve visuo-spatial and memory functions. Treatment is first aimed at stopping further progress of the condition and improvement of symptoms detailed above will follow slowly. Many patients who also suffer from delusions and aggressive behavior are remarkably benefitted. However, in later stages when the patient loses bladder and anal control, treatment may be ineffective.



Homeopathy does not claim to cure cancer; having said that, there are several documented cases of various carcinogenic tumors which have permanently disappeared with Homeopathic treatment. Homeopathy can cure several types of benign tumors of the breast and ovaries besides others. Treatment is generally based on Homeopathic remedies which will root out the main constitutional cause. Homeopathy is used in terminally ill patients to alleviate their sufferings on a symptomatic basis.


Treatment of viral diseases

Treatment of viral diseases for which modern medicine does not have a cost effective treatment is the forte of Homeopathic treatment. Cost must be calculated not only in financial terms but also in terms of side-effects of allopathic drugs, time taken for recovery and the need for hospitalization which is a burden to the family or carers.

Bacterial infectious diseases are also very amenable to Homeopathic treatment, Dr.Dinesh having specialized in the treatment of pneumonia and broncho-pneumonia arising due to different causes viz. aspiration pneumonia, nosocomial (hospital borne infections) and lobar pneumonia -either viral or bacterial. Dr. Dinesh's dissertation for his MD (Hom) was based on the clinical study of homeopathic medicines on pneumonias which revealed startling facts about the systems efficacy.

In fact it is in such cases that Homeopathy scores. In some cases where the causal agent is not obvious, a culture report may take several days by which time the patient may be beyond hope. With homeopathy no time is lost in determining whether the disease is viral or bacterial. Homeopathy treats on the basis of totality of symptoms (not symptomatically) and the infectious agent is rendered insignificant since homeopathy stimulates the immune system which reacts instantly to tackle the disease. Homeopathy does not have separate antibacterial or anti-viral drugs.

With thirty long years of experience treating medical emergencies, he is now invited to treat multidrug resistant pneumonia in several hospitals in this area. Dr.Dinesh has devised his own methodology for treating dire medical emergencies where-by results are often evident within minutes, the decision to treat at home or hospital can then be taken on the spot, even as the ambulance is called for; often eliminating the need for costly and stressful hospitalization. It is a well known fact that many patients especially the elderly recover faster in home-care situations and admission to ICU in India is often a one way street.



These are demonized versions of viral fevers which have been doing the rounds in epidemic forms since the last century. Records of actual incidence of these diseases and deaths due to the same show even Malaria to be a far more prevalent and deadly disease with a higher mortality rate.

Signs and symptoms of these diseases are innocuous like any common cold with fever but the spread to the lower respiratory tract is much faster leading to a painful cough, wheeze and considerable debility, usually disproportionate to the duration of the ailment.

Giving the disease a name tends to give it a highlighted appearance as if some new disease has been discovered, however historical records show the prevalence of these symptoms in cold wet conditions in India since many years. The inability of the modern system of medicine to cope with the virus' inherent tendency to mutate, rendering it difficult to treat with modern medicines, has caused much of the scare associated with these diseases. Homeopathy is ideally suited to treat such diseases as it treats on the basis of totality of symptoms. Since no test is available to the private practitioner to determine the diagnosis, it would be impossible for him to differentiate the disease from the several viral fevers with signs of lower respiratory infection he so often treats in the clinic. Only when treatment is ineffective does the patient approach a referral hospital from where a sample may be sent (The National Institute of Virology; Pune in India) for testing. It may be added that masks usually sold in the market are ineffective in preventing the spread of the disease and only add to the massive phobia generally prevalent at such times. Only a certain type of mask approved by the National Institute of Virology is of useful, that too for 24 - 36 hours only, after which it must be replaced. During such epidemics it would be indiscreet for the un-infected to crowd into centers which treat known cases as they are very likely to pick up the infection from there. Since these infections are spread by droplets, avoid public transport or atleast persons in such places who look ill and coughing or sneezing. If you suspect being infected, use a handkerchief over the nose and mouth while coughing or sneezing, avoid public places and seek medical help to prevent further spread of the disease.



Urinary Tract Infection is one of the commonest infections treated in general practice, with women being more prone to this disease than men. Personal hygiene besides sexual intercourse causing minor trauma to the urethra leading to transfer of bacteria into the urinary tract are the commonest causes. Several cases treated at Dr. Dinesh's Rapid Cure Clinic have demonstrated clinical signs of cystitis and urethritis with no pathological corroboration. This is a known phenomenon and such cases are most suited for Homeopathic treatment including those frank infections which are resistant to antibiotics.



This problem with associated frequency of urination is often seen in patients who undergo catheterization or endoscopic procedures of the urinary tract (Benign hypertrophy of the prostate gland or for stricture) and in old persons. Homeopathy has excellent drugs which address this issue and several such cases have been successfully treated at Dr. Dinesh's Rapid Cure Clinic.

A similar feature of different etiology which is chiefly nocturnal presents itself in children, at times persisting into adolescence. Although this symptom invariably passes off on its own, children face severe embarrassment when they have to travel on holidays either to relative's homes or on school outings. Such children are exposed to humiliation and the larger problem of loss of self-esteem becomes difficult to tackle. Homeopathy is strongly recommended in such cases and can solve this problem quickly and permanently.



Such cases are very common in India due to the hot and inclement weather conditions. Calculi especially found in the ureters are very amenable to treatment and generally can be dissolved within a few weeks time. Stones of size 5mm or less do not require treatment as they often pass off on their own. However the excruciating pains of renal colic can be treated with amazing results with homeopathic drugs. Large or impacted stones are best subject to Lithotripsy or surgery. Homeopathy can then be administered to prevent recurrent calculi since such incidence is high.



Acute diarrhoea is a common condition due to the fecal-oral transmission of bacteria, their toxins, viruses and parasites. Though short lived, it is the commonest cause of infant and child mortality in developing countries. It may be added that it could be the commonest cause of poverty since most patients come from the lower socio-economic groups and as WHO studies show, a large amount of their personal finances are diverted to cure this scourge. Middle income groups are also affected due to the frequent need for hospitalization. The emergence of resistant strains of bacteria compounds the problem, besides pushing up the cost of treatment. Homoeopathy gets past all this because of the speed of its efficacy and the innate action of the Homeopathic drug which does not cause drug resistance. Several pediatricians and doctors often refer cases of drug resistant or recurring diarrhoea to Dr. Dinesh's Rapid Cure Clinic where such diarrhoea is usually controlled quickly, eliminating the need for hospitalization. Besides, several allopathic drugs including antibiotics, cytotoxic drugs, proton pump inhibitors and NSAIDS may be responsible for acute diarrhoea.



Acute Gastritis is often erosive and can cause bleeding. Several popular pain killing drugs and aspirin are often the cause.

This condition at times does not produce significant symptoms but the patient may complain of dyspepsia, anorexia, nausea, vomiting of blood or black and tarry stools. Treatment begins after removing the known cause. Homeopathy offers excellent relief of this condition.

Chronic gastritis is said to be caused most frequently by Helicobacter Pylori. Gastroscopy will not reveal the cause despite presence of symptoms. Pathological correlation by biopsy also may not be useful. Homeopathy is highly recommended in such cases and lasting relief can be achieved without having to suffer any side-effects of treatment.



Ulcerative colitis and Crohn's diseases are chronic inflammatory bowel diseases which pursue a protracted relapsing and remitting course, usually extending over years. These diseases share many features, the distinguishing factor being that ulcerative colitis involves only the colon, while Crohn's disease may involve any part of the G.I. tract from mouth to anus. Both diseases are common in the younger adult population and later in the seventies. IBD appears to show genetic susceptibility. Homoeopathy offers excellent cures for both these diseases irrespective of age incidence, especially in special circumstances such as its incidence in childhood, pregnancy and Metabolic bone disease, with little chance of recurrence.



This is a functional bowel disease with no associated pathology but with abdominal pain associated with defecation and change in bowel habits. Almost 20% of the general population fulfills the criteria for IBS and young women are affected twice as often. Loss of working hours and quality of life are major reasons for treatment. A significant number of these patients suffer from associated symptoms of the mind which makes Homeopathy the most suitable form of treatment for this condition. Homeopathy treats the patient as a whole and integrates the mind as an essential part of the symptomatology on which the treatment is based resulting in quicker, surer and lasting relief.



Jaundice refers to yellow discoloration of the skin. This condition generally associated with liver disease has multiple causes and must be properly diagnosed before treatment is attempted. Non-hepatic causes must be eliminated.

Infective hepatitis commonly refers to a viral disease caused by one of several viruses labeled alphabetically (`A', `B', `C' also called non A-non B, `D' and `E' besides others). Here homeopathy may need to know which virus has caused the condition for prognostic reasons but treatment is based on totality of symptoms and not the causative agent. Homeopathic treatment is highly recommended. At Dr. Dinesh's Rapid Cure Clinic results have been dramatic even in cases of gross increase in bilirubin levels.

Cirrhosis both alcoholic and non-alcoholic can be treated with homeopathy but treatment is restricted to limitation of the pathology and not its reversal. As hepatic fibrosis takes place in cirrhosis, this tissue cannot be rejuvenated.

Gallstone formation is a common occurrence especially in females aged 18-65 years, commonest in middle age. Most patients with gallstones are asymptomatic. Symptoms may be just a dull ache in the right upper abdomen with signs of gastritis or a severe pain attended with fever. The latter may be a sign of biliary obstruction which is diagnosed with the help of Ultra-sonography and needs surgery, but the asymptomatic stones can be treated efficiently and permanently with homeopathy.



ANEMIA is the commonest problem faced in general practice. Anemia is a state where-in the hemoglobin levels drop below the normal range for that particular age and sex. Investigation of anemia must reveal both the degree and cause of the condition.

Iron deficiency anemia is the commonest type of anemia the world over. Once causes of blood loss have been ruled out and addressed, an appropriate diet with Homeopathic supplementary medicines can correct the anemia. Homeopathy does not have supplements for treatment of B12 and folic acid deficiency. But disorders of assimilation and absorption can be treated with homeopathy along with appropriate supplements to prevent recurrence.



Psoriasis is a chronic skin disease characterized by localized red patches with silvery scaly skin. Itching may be mild to severe. The cause of this disorder is unknown and any part of the body may be affected. Both male and female patients are equally affected. The disorder frequently begins from the scalp and may be mistaken by the patient to be dandruff. It is also known to start from areas which suffer trauma and eruptions may be seen in healing cuts or abrasions or after an acute attack of tonsillitis in younger patients. This disease is especially suited for homeopathic treatment and generally responds well but slowly. The recent trend of putting patients on anti-cancer drugs such as methotrexate has caused the treatment of the condition more difficult as it alleviates the suffering immediately, meanwhile causing its suppression. Repeated suppression with steroids and methotrexate make psoriasis truly incurable.



Callosities are thick or hypertrophied patches of skin usually in areas of high friction, especially in persons who indulge in manual work. However in some persons such callosities may develop in unusual areas like finger tips, hampering other work or decreasing sensitivity of that part due to thickening.

Keloids are raised irregular skin tissue like a ridge with reddish brown pigmentation, usually forming on the site of a scar of previous injury or after surgical procedures. The exact cause of this phenomenon is not known but appears to be a predisposition which is individualistic in nature. The keloid develops as a raised ridge with claw like extensions which at times draws the surrounding skin and tissue into a bunch which can then become painful. Some patients may complain of itching in the scar. The difference between a hypertrophic scar and a keloid is that the former remains restricted to the borders of the original scar while a keloid invades the surrounding skin and tissues. All three conditions - Callosities, Keloids and hypertrophic scars are eminently susceptible to homeopathic treatment although they respond very slowly.



All warts are caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV).

Plane warts which occur in great numbers on the hands and faces of children and sometimes adults are the commonest type. They are 2 - 3mm across and about 1mm in height and are skin colored or brownish.

Common warts occur on fingers or knees and may be large, firm raised structure with a rough surface.

Plantar wart is similar to the common wart but occurs on the ball of the foot or heel and looks flattened due to pressure due to the weight of the body. They may present with tenderness if they press over a nerve root.

The filiform wart is a single structure like a stout thread projecting from the skin, usually of skin color.

All types of warts respond superbly and permanently to homeopathic treatment.



Typically an outbreak of vesicles is preceded by pain and inflamed lymph glands in the nearby region, along the course of a nerve in any part of the body, usually one sided, is a sign of the shingles. Basically this disease affects the nerves arising from the spinal cord (posterior root ganglion) or cranial nerves; but is expressed on the skin in the form of small water-filled vesicles with the surrounding skin turning red and inflamed. Initially the vesicles are small and filled with clear fluid; they tend to run together and are later filled with pus and at times blood. After a week or so the eruptions dry up forming scabs which later fall off leaving scars. In young patients there may be no after effects but in the elderly zoster may be followed by severe intractable nerve pain.

Homeopathy is the medical system of choice for several reasons and this painful ailment can be quickly and permanently cured.



The cause for this condition is unknown though antibodies to melanocytes (skin pigments) have been demonstrated, making it out to be an auto-immune disease. In this condition, patches of skin lose their pigment and become perfectly white, though no other changes take place in them. Vitiligo may appear in either sex at any age, particularly on the face, neck, hands lower abdomen and thighs and may be brought on by an injury to the skin. The patches may appear in any shape or size and are usually symmetrical. They slowly increase in size until large areas of skin are involved. Often even the hair that grows in this patch may become white as well. The most prominent difference between this and other skin conditions is that in Vitiligo there is no scaling of the skin.

Treatment of this condition is based on constitutional prescribing as a very deep acting remedy is needed to root out the fundamental cause. Treatment is very prolonged. In cases where vast areas of skin are involved or when the condition has been treated by steroids local or systemic, the treatment may not help. In old persons too, the treatment does not seem to help. The earlier the treatment is started, the more encouraging the results.



Small pearly white raised growths with a shiny surface and a dull spot in the center are caused by a virus in which the cells undergo degeneration and form small `bodies' or growths on the skin. They may occur anywhere on the body and are more often seen in children. They are always multiple in numbers and may be very numerous. They can measure 2-3 millimeters to 2 centimeters in size.

Homeopathy provides excellent remedial medicines for this complaint which prevents recurrence as well as spread to others in the family.



A disease characterized by sudden loss of hair over circumscribed patches on the scalp, beard or elsewhere. It occurs chiefly between the ages of 6-25 years and rarely over the age of 45. Both sexes are equally affected. It may occur in several members of the same family and may recur in the same individual several times. The hair loss is sudden or gradual, leaving the skin bald and smooth. At the edge of the patch a few hair stumps may be seen. More than one such patch may appear, some coalescing to form a single large patch of baldness. Stress has been identified as one of the probable causes of this condition; hence homeopathy is ideally suited to treat it.

Homeopathy is the best answer to this embarrassing ailment with several known medicines which deliver quick re-growth of the lost hair with little or no chance of recurrence.



The commonest symptoms of hyperthyroidism are weight loss, with a normal or increased appetite, heat intolerance, palpitations, tremor and irritability. Later prominence of the eyes due to lid lag becomes a distinguishing feature. Here homeopathy is well equipped to treat these patients. Since the condition affects almost all systems in the human body it is a constitutional disease and a good case history helps select the correct constitutional remedy.



Patients of hypothyroidism are recognized by a combination of low or hoarse voice, poor hearing, slurred speech, dullness or slow responses, carpal tunnel syndrome (nerve compression at the wrist). Swelling around the eyes, of the feet and hands and a flushed look around the cheek-bones is evident. The patient complains of weight gain and tiredness. The condition is more common in females than males and exists in 1:100 in the general population. There are different causes of Primary hypothyroidism and most forms are suitable for homeopathic treatment. However after treating several cases of hypothyroidism at Dr. Dinesh's Rapid Cure Clinic, it has been found that geriatric patients do not respond well to homeopathic treatment.

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Dr. Dinesh Anand Kowshik: Born and brought up in the megapolis of Bombay (now Mumbai), in India. A student of the CMP Homeopathic Medical College – Irla, Vile Parle, Mumbai, he passed his LCEH in 1981. Later he completed his MD(Hom).
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Homeopathy is a much maligned system of medicine only because it is not understood in its entirety. Modern medicine or `allopathy’ (nomenclature used by Dr.Hahnemann) leans heavily on today’s science to explain its methodology.
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Patient was operated for being enlargement of the prostate and Lithotripsy for (L) Kidney stone 6 months ago. Subsequently developed urgency and frequency of urination, needed to pass small quantities of urine every 10-15 minutes;
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`How to stay healthy and disease free'. A large number of health problems today arise from our present lifestyle. Some are due to increased longevity or increased life span due to which many old-age diseases, rarely seen in the past, are now fairly common.
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Management of acute case requires certain precautions to be taken when compared to `cold’ or chronic cases.


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