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A large number of health problems today arise from our present lifestyle. Some are due to increased longevity or increased life span due to which many old-age diseases, rarely seen in the past, are now fairly common. Another disease causing factor is pollution (noise and air), both industrial as well as vehicular. Food habits have changed, exercise is out and lethargy has set in. From a chiefly agrarian or hunter-gatherer background, man has now embraced industry and an office or factory set-up. Education has brought in a sea of change. With both husband and wife working, the family set-up is undergoing different types of stress and demands. Recent polls in India show that especially in metropolitan cities, married couples rarely spend time in each other's company and even libido has suffered. In western society, break-up of the family has ushered in an expeditious life-style with its own stress and uncertainty to the point of making pre-nuptial agreements necessary. The few who can manage a child are often making do with a single offspring who is then brought up with such pampering that he/she is aptly nick-named `The Little Emperor/Empress'. This single child grows up on an exclusive diet of packaged food and television (he may injure himself if he goes out to play) resulting in obesity, combined with multiple nutritional deficiencies. In this milieu the incidence of Type I diabetes has shot up. The list of deficiencies and related problems is endless and are a subject of specialized study.

What is of interest to a common man, simply stated is: `how to stay healthy and disease free'. The Triad of good health is well known:- Nutritious diet, exercise and adequate sleep. Having stated this, how do you go about it? Planning is everything. Life is like a savings account. You cannot build it up in a hurry. It won't help too much if you buy your walking shoes after the doctor says you have obesity precipitated Type 2 diabetes. Health has to be nurtured. Always plan long-term. With average life span exceeding sixty to sixty-five years, a robust school life is a must. Children must grow up as children - free to run, play, fall and dirty themselves in the mud. I would say Huckleberry Finn would be a good example for today's child, born free and free of antiseptic lotions, soaps and creams. This boosts a child's immunity and trains it to meet the immunological challenges of the various viruses and bacteria he/she will face now as well as in adult life. Benefits of anti-septic soaps, hand washes etc. can be self limiting as these same bacteria and viruses mutate or become resistant to the chemical agents, rendering them ineffective.

You not only multiply the number of harmful bugs but the number of chemicals used to eliminate them. Worse still, you may just help in creating a `super-bug’. If prevention is better than cure, the preparation must begin in childhood. There is no substitute for biological immunity. It is free since it is an integral part of you; it is highly adaptable and comes up with the right answers most of the time with no extra inputs and fights disease more efficiently than any man-made chemical (antiseptic or antibiotic). Lastly it leaves us with no side effects.

For various reasons; philosophical, genetic or environmental, a good vegetarian diet is a boon to those who can palate it. A meat based diet is known to usher in various colonic diseases including cancer of the bowels. For those whom vegetarianism is anathema, moderation is the key. Roughage must form a key ingredient of your diet. Many are led to believe that a `balanced’ diet with plenty of vitamin supplements are the secret to a healthy life. Nothing farther from the truth! Numerous studies have shown that regular unsupervised vitamin intake is deleterious to health and may precipitate problems which health care professionals may find difficult to recognize. The myth that calcium and vitamin D supplements strengthen bones and joints is my primary focus. Next is the B complex myth. These vitamins being water soluble are excreted in the urine or stools and may only supplement the health of the manufacturer and seller with no benefit what-so-ever to the consumer. Unfortunately they may make the consumer prey to many allergic disorders. A study by Dr. Donald Light a professor of Comparative Health Policy at the University of Medicine and Dentistry – New Jersey, has shown that most drug companies tend to overstate the use or effectiveness of the medicines they market besides downplaying the serious risks involved in their consumption.

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Dr. Dinesh Anand Kowshik: Born and brought up in the megapolis of Bombay (now Mumbai), in India. A student of the CMP Homeopathic Medical College – Irla, Vile Parle, Mumbai, he passed his LCEH in 1981. Later he completed his MD(Hom).
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Homeopathy is a much maligned system of medicine only because it is not understood in its entirety. Modern medicine or `allopathy’ (nomenclature used by Dr.Hahnemann) leans heavily on today’s science to explain its methodology.
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Patient was operated for being enlargement of the prostate and Lithotripsy for (L) Kidney stone 6 months ago. Subsequently developed urgency and frequency of urination, needed to pass small quantities of urine every 10-15 minutes;
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`How to stay healthy and disease free'. A large number of health problems today arise from our present lifestyle. Some are due to increased longevity or increased life span due to which many old-age diseases, rarely seen in the past, are now fairly common.
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Management of acute case requires certain precautions to be taken when compared to `cold’ or chronic cases.


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