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Homeopathy is a safe and effective medical system for treatment of most day to day maladies. The drugs being cheap and easily stored seem ideally suitable for `first-aid'. However, Dr.Samuel Hahnemann the founder of Homeopathy was against this idea since prescribing homeopathic medicines involve certain technicalities which may be beyond the understanding of the lay man. The dosage and strength of the homeopathic prescription is based on certain technicalities called `Susceptibility of the patient' and the nature of the disease - i.e. `Acute' or `Chronic'. This is besides the fact that the patient may not be able to differentiate the insidious onset of a very serious disease from an innocuous ailment.

Having said this, there is undoubtedly an area where-in the patient cannot be expected to go in search of medical aid for those small niggling ailments which he is at the mercy of, at every seasonal change or sudden exposure to dust and stress. Headaches, Colds and coughs, early fevers which have the bad habit of setting in at night when the family physician is unavailable, or while travelling are especially troublesome and leave the patient wishing he had an `emergency kit'. I do give some basic and commonly used medicines to my patients for home use with explicit instructions to wait not more than 2 days before consulting me. The following table may be of some use as first aid to patients who would like to carry a kit for use in certain intractable situations.


REMEDY AND HOW TO USE IT. globules size 30; 3 globules thrice daily for 3 days can be standard dose


Head cold- typically on change of climate

Allium Cepa 30 when patient has irritation in eyes and nose. Violent sneezing.
Arsenic Alb 30 when thirst for sips of water and weakness predominate.

Warm clothing, plenty of fluids to drink, plain steam inhalation to open blocked nose.

Dry cough with throat pain

Belladonna 30 if patient is thirstless. Phosphorus 30 if voice is hoarse.
Bryonia 30 if thirst is insatiable & large

Warm soups or milk with a pinch of turmeric powder.

Fever with cold

Arsenic alb 200- patient is weak & exhausted.
Aconite 30 after exposure to cold winds. Pulsatilla 30 when nasal discharge is greenish yellow and scabby. Patient seeks open air where he feels better.

Warm soups, Warm clothing or covers if patient tolerates. Liquid diet with ORS if vomiting is present.

Diarrhoea- this condition must respond within a few hours or consult the doctor.

Podophyllum 1M frequently: painless yellow diarrhoea.
Arsenic alb 1M frequently: watery diarrhoea with burning in rectum and vomiting of water.
Gambogia 1M frequently: rumbling diarrhoea in prolonged gushes.

ORS (200ml potable water + 2pinches salt + 2 spoons sugar) solution- drink plenty of it.

Headache -general

Belladonna 30: throbbing intense pain.
Pulsatilla 30: due to overwork, in schoolgirls; vertex or back of head
Nux Vom 30: Executive & stress headache

Rest and tranquility- patient may prefer to avoid light and noise. Light diet.


Dr. Profile
Dr. Dinesh Anand Kowshik: Born and brought up in the megapolis of Bombay (now Mumbai), in India. A student of the CMP Homeopathic Medical College – Irla, Vile Parle, Mumbai, he passed his LCEH in 1981. Later he completed his MD(Hom).
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how it works
Homeopathy is a much maligned system of medicine only because it is not understood in its entirety. Modern medicine or `allopathy’ (nomenclature used by Dr.Hahnemann) leans heavily on today’s science to explain its methodology.
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doctor kowshik's case studies
Patient was operated for being enlargement of the prostate and Lithotripsy for (L) Kidney stone 6 months ago. Subsequently developed urgency and frequency of urination, needed to pass small quantities of urine every 10-15 minutes;
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doctor kowshik's health tips
`How to stay healthy and disease free'. A large number of health problems today arise from our present lifestyle. Some are due to increased longevity or increased life span due to which many old-age diseases, rarely seen in the past, are now fairly common.
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Management of acute case requires certain precautions to be taken when compared to `cold’ or chronic cases.


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