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Homoeopathy a medical science based on nature's law of cure was discovered by the German doctor SAMUEL HAHNEMANN two hundred years ago. An allopathic doctor himself, he was fed up with the side effects and limited use of this science. Dr. Hahnemann saw that the massive doses of medicine used by doctors caused more illnesses than were being cured. He found that the smallest dose of medicine was able to cure without the unwanted side-effects.

In DR. KOWSHIK'S RAPID CURE SPECIALTY HOMOEOPATHY CLINIC, only medicines from highest quality & pure dilutions imported from BIOFORCE AG - SWITZERLAND are used.

Dr.Kowshik is a well known personality in Homoeopathic circles and popular Guest speaker at various Homeopathic colleges and Seminars in Mumbai, Bangalore, Belgaum, Sankeshwar etc.

How does Homoeopathy work?
Homoeopathy does not have antibiotics, steroids or dangerous fever and painkilling drugs. Homoeopathy uses the body's own complex and highly evolved defense system to fight disease. Homoeopathic medicines stimulate the body to release natural substances (endorphins), which gently drive away the illness and restore over-all health and well-being quickly, safely and gently. No side effects.

Why Homoeopathy?
Homoeopathy is the safest and cheapest system of medicine in the world. It cures quickly, gently and permanently. Patients rarely come back to the doctor with the same sickness once it is cured. Homoeopathy does not use injections or I.V.fluids (saline), therefore does not cause reactions and does not spread diseases due to unclean or reused needles.

Cost of treatment?
Homoeopathic treatment costs only a fraction of the cost of any other system of medicine because we treat the whole person, not just the disease. The least quantity of medicine needed to restore complete health is used. The patient regains all his health and is fit to return to work in the shortest possible time. Bed rest and hospitalization is almost never required

Is Homoeopathy slow acting?
Homoeopathy cures most diseases faster than any other system of medicine. Unfortunately patients come for Homoeopathic treatment very late, resulting in longer treatment time. The earlier the treatment starts, the sooner the cure.

Which diseases can Homoeopathy cure?
In DR. KOWSHIK'S RAPID CURE SPECIALTY HOMOEOPATHY CLINIC the latest computer assisted prescribing techniques are used to select the right medicine for even the most difficult and serious disease. This is the first such clinic in this part of Karnataka.

Homoeopathy can cure almost all day to day illnesses. Acute diseases like CHIKUNGUNYA; FEVER (Malaria, typhoid); DIARRHOEA; VOMITING, COUGH; PNEUMONIA; BRONCHO-PNEUMONIA; PAIN ABDOMEN (kidney stone, uncomplicated appendicitis etc.); CHOLERA; GASTROENTERITIS and many more..

Homoeopathy is famous for permanent removal of chronic diseases like ALLERGY; ASTHMA; CHRONIC DIARRHOEA; ECZEMA; NON-CANCEROUS TUMORS, WARTS, CORNS; FISSURE; FISTULA; PILES etc.

WOMEN'S PROBLEMS like late periods, irregular periods, white discharge, 1st & 2nd degree prolapsed uterus and Infertility.

AFTER-SURGERY PROBLEMS- unhealed wounds; wound discharge; thickened and painful surgical or burn scars etc. Many more diseases which cannot all be mentioned here can be treated safely with Homoeopathy.

Dr. Profile
Dr. Dinesh Anand Kowshik: Born and brought up in the megapolis of Bombay (now Mumbai), in India. A student of the CMP Homeopathic Medical College – Irla, Vile Parle, Mumbai, he passed his LCEH in 1981. Later he completed his MD(Hom).
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how it works
Homeopathy is a much maligned system of medicine only because it is not understood in its entirety. Modern medicine or `allopathy’ (nomenclature used by Dr.Hahnemann) leans heavily on today’s science to explain its methodology.
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doctor kowshik's case studies
Patient was operated for being enlargement of the prostate and Lithotripsy for (L) Kidney stone 6 months ago. Subsequently developed urgency and frequency of urination, needed to pass small quantities of urine every 10-15 minutes;
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doctor kowshik's health tips
`How to stay healthy and disease free'. A large number of health problems today arise from our present lifestyle. Some are due to increased longevity or increased life span due to which many old-age diseases, rarely seen in the past, are now fairly common.
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Management of acute case requires certain precautions to be taken when compared to `cold’ or chronic cases.


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